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Hi, I’m Oli 👋

My mission is to inspire as many people as I can to unleash their deepest purpose into the world.

How? By writing, coaching, and most importantly, committing to my own personal growth.

I believe that a purpose-driven life is one of the most beautiful ways to spend our limited time on this planet.

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Where To Start?

I don’t know about you, but when I stumble on a new website it’s easy to get overwhelmed – What’s this place all about? Where do I dive in?

Consider this page your mini-orientation.

My writing is divided into 3 categories, discussed below: Inner TruthAuthentic Action, and Life Nuggets.

1 – Inner Truth

Many of us are alienated from the truth of who we really are. Not only are we heavily conditioned by disempowering beliefs and stories, but we’ve also learnt to mismanage our emotions – vital sources of self-understanding and motivation.

By slowing down and tuning into our wisdom, we can notice our authentic nature. We learn to generate self-compassion, notice our deepest values, and then commit to bringing them into the world. From this place, a sense of purpose and meaning begins to blossom from within.

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2 – Authentic Action

Understanding the truth is one thing; living it is another. Without taking full ownership of our lives, we lapse into victimhood. We stagnate. And then we wonder why life feels bereft of meaning and direction.

Every moment is an opportunity to breathe life into our professed purpose, and to take action in line with who we wish to become. Amongst other things, we must learn to reinvent ourselves, serve from the heart, and show up for others with genuine compassion and presence.

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3 – Life Nuggets

Personal stories, advice, and inspirational nuggets on the following:

  • Stillness – moving beyond “doing mode” and making time to simply be
  • Fulfilment – prioritising activities that nourish rather than drain us
  • Fun! – Remembering to slow down, have fun, and savour the journey of life

Best posts in this category: