1-to-1 Coaching with Oliver

Would you love more energy, creativity, and purpose in your daily life?

Whether around relationships, career, or your general way of living, transformation begins the moment you aspire to shift your trajectory. And I’d love to offer you some loving support and attention to help you get going.

Every month, I block out a set number of free exploratory coaching calls.

My hope is that you’ll leave the session energised and full of possibility. If it feels right to both of us, we can also explore longer-term partnership.

In the call, we start with what isn’t working for you. Then, we co-design the life you’d love to create. We can focus on various topics, such as (but not limited to):

  • Life purpose and fulfilment
  • Creating a vision for your life
  • Navigating burnout
  • Taking a personal sabbatical
  • Career change or direction
  • Communication and relationships
  • Building creative confidence
  • Getting unstuck and procrastination
  • Time management and priorities
  • Making a big decision/inner conflict
  • Healthy habits and boundaries
  • Adjusting to big life transitions

Wherever you are in your journey, I’d be honoured to partner with you.

My Coaching Style

One of the beauties of coaching is that every coach is unique. When it comes to my style, I focus on the person in front of me as a whole. I try not to compartmentalise, categorise or diagnose.

Perhaps living purposefully means installing better boundaries at work. Or maybe it means taking bold action on a creative project. Working holistically, we go where we need to go.

Above all, I anchor my approach in specific values: presence, curiosity, compassion, and courage.

I don’t believe in slaving away to achieve more, in the hope of ‘fixing’ ourselves. Let’s agree to leave that at the door. Rather, personal growth begins when we awaken to who we already are – natural sources of wisdom, joy, courage, and compassion.

When our minds, bodies and hearts synchronise to an authentic purpose, we can show up as our best self in the world. What we ‘do’ then becomes an expression of who we ‘are’ – our inner truth.


“Oli did an excellent job at actively listening, and posing thoughtful questions to challenge me to think more about my own beliefs. I also appreciated his holistic approach, which included meditative elements to make for an overall positive and clarifying experience.”

Yael J – Business Analyst; New York City

Let’s Talk

If you resonate with the above, fill out the form below. Be as concise or lengthy as you need – I’m all ears.

Once submitted, I’ll send you an email with further instructions, usually within 24 hours. Thanks for your interest.

Best, Oliver